Fair Lending

Our Commitment

Springwater Capital is committed to making available meaningful mortgage lending services to all our customers and potential customers within each of our diverse communities on a fair and equitable basis. We will provide every customer an equal opportunity to apply for each of our available mortgage products. We believe that our commitment to fair lending is a good and sound business practice that allows us to serve all of our Veterans in every community.

Equal Credit Opportunity Act

ECOA makes it illegal for any lender to discriminate in lending based on certain characteristics

It Is Illegal To:

  • Refuse you credit if you qualify
  • Discourage you from applying for credit
  • Offer you credit on terms less favorable, such as a higher interest rate, than terms offered to someone with similar qualifications
  • Close your account

On The Basis Of:

  • Race or color
  • Religion
  • National origin
  • Sex or Marital status
  • Age (as long as you’re old enough to enter into a contract)
  • Receipt of income from any public assistance program
  • Exercising in good faith your rights under the Consumer Credit Protection Act

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