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Discover Retirement Strategies Using a Reverse Mortgage

We recognize the trusted role retirement planners play in their client’s financial security. Your knowledge and planning ensure each one of your clients has a viable and secure retirement portfolio.

For many of your clients, the time has come to begin disbursement plans in a responsible and sustainable way. A reverse mortgage is something every retiree should to consider when mapping a smart retirement strategy. A reverse mortgage has a variety of options and consumer protections in place to provide your clients with more confidence to stay retired.

Springwater Capital works closely with financial professionals to identify the smartest HECM strategies available today so that you can help your clients maximize their portfolios and to more comfortably live out life in the home they love.

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Retirement Planner's Reverse Mortgage Guide

Download Our Retirement Planner’s Reverse Mortgage Guide


  • Replace cash reserves
  • Delay Social Security and pension payouts.
  • Tax-free loan proceeds may reduce tax liability.
  • Postpone drawing down retirement assets, giving assets more time to grow.
  • Cover large unexpected expenses such as medical bills or home modifications.
  • Eliminate existing mortgage for clients who still have a traditional mortgage balance.
  • Finance a new residence through the HECM for Purchase product.

A reverse mortgage can affect Social Security Income or Medicaid benefits and should be considered prior to obtaining the loan.

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